Modern Life is Stressful

Modern day life is Stressful but the ancient martial art of Tai Chi Chuan is one of the most effective Stress busters available to us. In China it is also used for the prevention and treatment of illness and it’s positive effects for health and well being are now widely recognized in the west.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung – Why Corporate Wellness is Important Stress reduces staff productivity either through illness and the resulting time off work or through impaired concentration a general sense of dis-ease and body tension. Tai Chi and Chi Kung offer a unique way to enable a company to show gratitude to it’s staff and to simultaneously decrease the effects of Stress from which they suffer and improve the staff’s general health, well being and sense of balance between work and play. Staff will be healthier and have a more positive attitude towards their work place. Tai Chi and Chi Kung offer a win-win situation. Staff benefit from improved health and Stress management therefore productivity would increase both because of the decreased stress levels and because of goodwill generated by running a project that shows concern for the health and well being of the staff. I offer lunch time classes at business premises, which will assist in relaxing and distressing management and staff wanting to join the program. The programmed classes are held twice a week and generally last 45 – 60 minutes. Tai Chi embodies a system of rejuvenation and invigoration. A system of Self defense and Self development, it was developed in China some 5000 years ago. It has recently become popular in the west and is the most widely practiced form of exercise around the world. To the observer Tai Chi Chuan appears to be a series of slow flowing relaxing movements almost a graceful slow motion ballet where some of the movements hint at self defense applications but Tai Chi is far more than that. It is designed to exercise every muscle, joint and organ in the body and to remove the blockages in our energy flow created by Worry and excess Tension or Stress. It is also designed to teach us to use a minimum of force in order to accomplish a job or task and thus save energy and effort. Tai Chi teaches us how to be most effective by working within the environment we find ourselves in and within our bodies limits, rather than trying to use brute force to be successful. The Tai Chi practitioner is taught to move skillfully and most importantly, cleverly. It first becomes apparent in using an opponent’s force against himself in self defense application, but the subtlety soon dissipates and becomes part of one’s life skills. A Tai Chi business program offers a slow and gentle but thorough exercise with no risk of injuries because of the nature of the slow movements. Tai Chi helps to create a sense of Calm and Balance within those who practice it, enabling practitioners to think clearer and develop their powers of concentration and coordination. It also increases their effectiveness in handling any situation. Tai Chi exercises both the mind and the body slowly and gently to the fullest extend possible. I, Mannie Barstz am qualified in many aspects of Human Body Movement and Energy Medicine as well as Natural Therapies. I have more than 30 years of Tai Chi and Chi Kung experience which will benefit you as it has hundreds of others in their quest for Health and Well Being.

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Some signs of Stress:

  • Altered eating pattern and weight change
  • Smoking is a stress related behavior
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Lowered resistance to infections
  • Sleep disorders
  • Reduces efficiency at work
  • Impaired alertness and concentration
  • Stress is a contributor to accident proneness
  • Difficulty in relaxing
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • General Grumpiness
  • Low tolerance threshold