Black Belt vs Comrades

What if Black Belt were like running the comrades?
Our recent Dan (Black Belt) grading fell over the same weekend as the Comrades Marathon – one of the toughest and best loved races in the world, this got me thinking …

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Modern Life is Stressful

Modern day life is Stressful but the ancient martial art of Tai Chi Chuan is one of the most effective Stress busters available to us. In China it is also used for the prevention and treatment of illness and it’s positive effects for health and well being are now widely recognized in the west.

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Ultimate Bodyshaping Course @ Achemy


You've tried everything? Now try something new that works!

The Ultimate Bodyshaping Course combines fitness kickboxing, resistance training, flexibility, weightloss and nutrition into a 10 week course that anyone can do! Kick start the new you in just 10 weeks!

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SA Champs April 2007

The South African Combat Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo Championships were held on 28 April 2007 in Nelspruit. Both events were held at the same venue, Tang Soo Do in the morning and Haedong Kumdo in the afternoon.

The SA Combat Tang Soo Championships has been a long standing annual competition. For the past two years it has been successfully organised and hosted by Master David Davis and his students at the Wolves Academy. Participants compete in events such as semi contact sparring, forms and weapons forms. They are divided into male and female categories based on their ages and belt levels. Sbnm Xander Davis was awarded the trophy for senior male student of the day and the women’s honour went to Sbnm Elizabeth Coetzee.

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Body Alarm Response

When you are attacked or confronted with a potential attacker your body will react. This reaction is known as Body Alarm Response or BAR. Most of the reaction is caused by a sudden rush of ADRENALINE ! This is a good thing.

If you have good self defence habits you are less likely to be caught off guard, and if you are you will be mentally prepared, as you will have visualised countless times how you will react - with calmness and control. Be warned BAR can be frightening. You will feel like a rabbit caught in a spotlight. You will be hit with the "fight or flight" syndrome and you may actually FREEZE !

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