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Why become a member?

There are various priveleges that all members receive. Some of these include access to priveledged information and articles, newsletters containing a wealth of information on a variety of topics, notifications of special offers and much more.

Are there different levels of Membership?

Yes, what we have done is, based on the information you give us, we have set up various levels of Membership. Some of these include the Student and the Black Belt Levels. However, these do not directly apply to the belt you are holding (if any). These are merely categories into which we break the Members up into. Someone who has never trained in martial arts can become a Master Member, but this is not easy. ;-)

Do I have to do Tang Soo Do to Sign Up and become a Member?

Heavens no, we wish to have as many people becoming Members as possible, what good is sharing information if its only to a select few? We encourage all visitors to Sign Up and become Members.