Weapons Training

At Alchemy we offer an extensive weapons program featuring a wide range of the most popular and practical Korean and Okinawan (Kobujitsu karate) weaponry. Weapons are first introduced to our students at a weapons seminar, these last about 3 hours and are held over weekends/ training camps. The seminar covers basic striking and sometimes grappling/disarming of the weapon, practical one-steps against an attacker and a form to remember the basic striking and one-steps. The costs for the seminars vary from weapon to weapon and range from R 250 – R 350. Students are awarded patches for each weapon, which they sew onto their uniforms under the combat patch. Certain seminars have to be attended by certain belt levels and become examinable in the normal TSD gradings. Revision of seminar work will be covered from time to time in normal classes and on training days prior to grading.2009100309580701

Bong (Long Staff) - R 250 - By Green Belt (6th Gup)
Grappling and Pressure Points - R 300 - By Green 3 (4th Gup)
Tonfa (Police Baton) - R 280 - By Red Belt (3rd Gup)
Short Stick - R 280 - By Red 2 (2nd Gup)
Knife - R 300 - By Red 3 (1st Gup)
Nunchaku - R 320 (Incl. practice chuks) - By Cho Dan Bo
1st Aid - R 350 - 1st Dan
Tekko (Knuckle Duster) - R 380 (includes a Tekko) - 1St Dan
Sword - R 350 - 2nd Dan

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